Liberation Imagined at Chicago State University 4/9

Check out tonight’s Liberation Imagined event at Chicago State University. This free event will happen on Monday (April 9) at 6 pm. Since the movie Black Panther was released there has been a lot of talk about the genre that is Afrofuturism as well as what it means to be a black superhero in modern times.  Panelist for the event includes Ashley Woods, illustrator for the Niobe series and Dark Horse Tomb Raider,  Ytasha Womack, author of the Rayla 2212 series and book Post Black,  Stacey Robinson, and Jiba Anderson. Hope to see you there!

Where: Gwendolyn Brooks Library,  9501 S. King Drive

When: April 9, 2018

Time: 6: 00 pm – 8: 00 pm



Nerdy gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here. Let’s be honest trying to shop for the old man nowadays can bring it’s own type of challenges. Do I get dad a new set of Craftsmen power tools, a new necktie, or maybe a drone? Here’s a list of potential gifts for dad.

KeySmart 2.0 Extended Swiss Army Style Key Organizer



Does dad have one too many keys on his keychain? The Key Smart 2.0 Extended Swiss Army Style Key Organizer  is made of titanium grade aluminum plates which will hold his keys by stainless steel points, will protect his pockets, and don’t forget the cool accessories.This is the ultimate key wrangler.

Cognitive Surplus Coffee Chemistry Glas Mug



Wake up to a cup full of science! That’s right your favorite scientist can now fill up on his favorite daytime beverage. Thanks to you he’ll have the fuel needed to solve the world’s problems with the power of science.

StarWars Death Star Waffle Maker


Surprise dad with this awesome kitchen accessory, the same way fans were when they first saw the Death Star in action. Who needs to use the force when you persuade your enemies with the power of such a delicious alternative?  Show your dad with the power of waffles!

Quantum Mechanix Firefly Playing Cards


This is for sci-fi fathers and poker players. These are the first-ever official Firefly playing cards created by artist Ben Mund and Bicycle. The deck of 54 cards comes with the standard four suits and features designs that are beyond standards.

iPhone Docking Station with Key Holder Wooden / Valet / Watch Stand


No longer will your father have to worry about miss placing his keys or other personal belongings. Now he can store his car keys, wallet, and iPhone all in one place. This docking station will help dad stay organized as he gets ready for his daily routine.

WAW Media is on Indiegogo

Logo (Square)
Image Credit: Courtesy WAW Media

Attention sci-fi fans! WAW Media has launched an Indiegogo Campaign for a publishing company that will provide a voice to the underrepresented in tech, art, science, and entertainment. The  campaign has made some progress, but they still need your help to reach their goal of $11,400.

This winter they plan on launching  their first mobile app, and a subscription service that will support up-and-coming creators in multiple ways. Also, a portion of each subscription fee will support other new projects via grants, sponsorships and scholarships.  So, spread the word to your friends, and help this company become a reality. Check out WAW Media trailer below.


Unfortunately time has run out and WAW Media did not meet their goal.

Should I get a smart car?

Image Credit: Extreme Tech
Image Credit: Extreme Tech

This past Saturday while I was getting my hair cut I heard an interesting conversation that discussed the problems with smart cars, government surveillance, and the things people should consider when using the latest technology. A handful of weekend customers explained why they wouldn’t want to use a smart car, one of the main reasons related to the issue of privacy. One customer said, “If Google has all this information on us now with just our email, what could they do if they controlled our cars?”

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