Image Credit: C2E2
Image Credit: C2E2

Last year, I wrote about why you should go to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) which is a three day convention held at McCormick Place.  For the past five years C2E2 has managed to bring fans together from across multiple genres like comics, TV, and video games.

In downtown Chicago fans were able to interact with authors, illustrators, celebrities from their favorite TV shows, and leaders in the entertainment industry. This time I was FINALLY able to attend.

As I made my way across the sky bridge at McCormick Place I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As the distance between me and the event floor grew shorter and shorter I felt overwhelmed. Apart of me felt surprised by just how many people showed up.

As I looked around trying to figure out where the panels would be, all I saw were families, friends, and tourists some were dressed like their favorite comic book or video game characters. In nerd heaven it wouldn’t be out the ordinary to see a group of Stormtroopers protesting, or the Avengers assembling for some cold ones.

Around 3: 40 pm I made my way through the deluge of fans to the upstairs for the Marvel: Next Big Thing panel which started at 4 pm. I think the line was actually longer than the line outside of an Apple store when the iPhone 6 came out.  The fans were as diverse as their cosplay, couples, friends, families, and even mothers with their children were in line to hear the Marvel news.

Marvel panelists
Nick Lowe and the panelists

Nick Lowe, senior editor at Marvel moderated the panel. While the panelist included Jake Thomas, associate editor at Marvel, Jon Moisan, assistant editor at Marvel, Mark Waid (Daredevil), Rick Remender (Captain America), Jason Latour (Spider-Gwen), Chip Zdarsky (Howard the Duck), and Ramon Perez (Hawkeye).


Lowe announced that the latest issue of Spider-Gwen will hit stores on May 6th. And mentioned that Gwen gets to meet Aunt Ben and Uncle Peter.

While Chip said Howard the Duck, will be released on May 13th. In this issue Howard  will be dealing with a giant superhero battle.

In StarWars related news Lowe informed us that the new issues will include Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Lando. According to Lowe the StarWars comic will be apart of the StarWars universe which includes Empire Strikes Back.

lando 1

Then Mark Waid stated how excited he was to be writing the Princess Leia comic. He mentioned how ” the princess will be dealing with the loss of Alderaan, her self-appointed job, and how  her journey will take her against old friends and new ones.

miracle man

Also, Miracle Man will  be remastered by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham, and made available on September 2nd.

shield 50th

Marvel has big plans to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of S.H.I.E.L.D. First, they will be releasing one-shots of Agent Peggy Carter, Melinda May, Mockingbird, Quake, and Nick Furry. Lowe mentioned at C2E2 that Chelsea Cain will be the writer for Mockingbird.



Which comics are you interested in buying?


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