Christmas is almost here and I’m sure that you’re looking forward to spending time with your family and those closest to you. Recently I’ve been trying to think of gifts that could be considered thoughtful and affordable.

I spent some time researching different gift options and I was surprised by the what gifts were trending. Eventually I found some interesting gifts for those shopping on a budget as well as gifts for those who are fans of Josh Whedon. Here’s a few gift ideas to consider:

If you’re feeling generous.
  • Gift Cards- They might seem like an obvious choice, but how many times have you passed a rack full of gift cards at Sams Club when you’re about to check out your groceries? If you have a friend who’s a coffee lover, pick up a $15 Starbucks card. If they’re not a fan of coffee, but love the movies then treat them with an AMC gift card. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy eating some delicious popcorn or nachos?
  • Cookie Tins– You can feed your families sweet tooth with this option. Plus the various assortments available allow for a nice combination of a gift that is affordable yet unique for the extended family. No longer do you have to worry about the hassle that comes with baking a tray full of cookies and then packaging. Instead remember to keep it simple this year by purchasing a few tins. And the best part of this gift is most cookie tin packs shouldn’t be too expensive in case you have to do some last minute splurging on the kids or other immediate family members.
  • Gas Cards- These might be a bit harder to find, but if you drive a car or someone you care about does I’m sure they will appreciate it. In the past we’ve all joked about gas prices being too high, but couldn’t you benefit from $25 card to put in your car’s tank.This gift could be exactly what someone needs to get to their next destination.

Whether you buy your family and friends a bunch of iPads, Wii U’s, or ice cream makers don’t forget the real reason for this holiday. To often we’re persuaded to spend our money on materialistic items instead we forget about how we spend our time. As a result Millennials are usually criticized for being too obsessed with their devices, but let’s change that this year by spending our time with our families instead of in our phones.

Would it really kill you to turn off your smartphone for an hour or so during this winter holiday? I’m sure we’re all guilty of forgetting how important having a human connection is because our busy lives. Yes, there are times it might seem almost impossible to unblur the lines between work and private life thanks to social media, but just this once I’d like you to try and enjoy the holidays by spending it with those around you and not just with your friends in cyber space.


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