Mother’s Day was this past Sunday and during the holiday weekend I saw many people out with their families.  I couldn’t help, but notice the huge crowds in the city it seemed almost unbelievable how many people were taking their mother’s to the movies or going to an earlier dinner. Gift buying during this holiday can seem tricky when you probably considering that you want to buy mom a new purse, a beautiful necklace or even an iPad (if she’s tech savvy enough).

That might be okay for some mother’s, but what do you get for the mom that’s not into materialism?

During the weeks and days leading up to Mother’s Day, I pondered this question more and more. At times there seems like there’s no gift that has been invented that a child can buy with cash or credit that will some how equal to the amount of time, love, or sacrifice your mother has invested in you. Here’s a list of some creative things you can do for your mother:

Take Her Out

Usually when someone says you should take your mom out to celebrate for the holiday some children might assume to take her out for one free meal. Instead of going to Red Lobster just for the surf and turf special  why not do something different and take her out for a great breakfast. Why not get up early on the weekend and treat your mother to a stack of hot cakes, a side of scrabbled eggs and a few slices of bacon from Lumes Famous Pancake House or IHOP?

Surprise Her

If you have a couple of hundred dollars to spare why not take your mom out with one of her girl friends to a spa and let her get a facial and a massage. If your mother’s a clean fanatic wouldn’t she be pleased to come home to a house that isn’t dirty and a carpet that has been cleaned?  Why not give E&K Cleaning Service a call?

Entertain Her

No you don’t have to put on a concert for your mother, but you can take her to one. Or you can pick a day during the weekend and take her to the movie’s, let her pick the film, (it doesn’t matter whether it’s the number one film in the country or a comedy) and don’t forget to pay for her ticket. If you’re mother loves to watch plays then take her to “Bible Bingo” at the Royal George Theatre or Chicago’s latest Broadway production MoTown the Musical.

The best gift a child can give their mother, is letting her knowing that her child is a self reliant and morally sensible adult. Doesn’t she deserve to know that her child can survive in the real world thanks to the lessons she has taught us? We can never stop our mother’s from worrying about us, but at least we can offer her some reassurance.


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