Image Credit: C2E2
Image Credit: C2E2

What do comic book lovers, gamers and pop culture junkies have in common? A love for entertainment!  Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo is a three-day event that’s held at McCormick Place and brings together fans of all ages.

The convention usually kicks off towards  the end of April and allows fans the opportunity to meet celebrities in the entertainment industry. So, why not spend your weekend in a nerdtastic way?

Chicago might not be the nerdiest state you could live in, but why should Utah have all the fun?  Consider this as an investment. Sure you’re paying close to $40 for a day ticket plus over $20 for parking, but you can view this as Playoff season for true fans of the industry.

C2E2 brings together professional comic book publishers which included:  Dark Horse, Funimation, Lion Forge and Marvel and amateur publisher under one roof to debut their latest works. Some of 2014’s celebrities who were scheduled to attend included Stan Lee,  Tyler Posey; Kristian Nairn and Natalia Tena from Game of Thrones. Even the Chicago Bears, Israel Idonije showcased  his comic book series “The Protectors”.

Even if you’re not a nerd C2E2 still offers enough venues to appease the fans who aren’t into  comics. You might be thinking, “Why should I go to a fanboy fest?”  Or “There will only be a bunch of costume wearing comic book geeks.” That’s where you’re wrong. This isn’t your average comic convention.

This is one of the biggest conventions in the Midwest where you’ll find fans from around the world participating in the Cosplay contests or looking to score some cool memorabilia. This is the type of event where you’d probably see a family dressed up like Jedi Knights, the cast from Ghost Busters, or you’re favorite Avengers. Who needs Halloween when you have C2E2?

At the least you can consider C2E2  as a great place to network with some living legends or up-and-comers in the entertainment industry. If you’re  an aspiring writer,  media professional, or just someone who’s interested in connecting with like minds. This is the place where you can do it and who knows it  might just change your life.


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